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Intelligent, simple, reliable

With the proDetect radar urinal flush control, Villeroy & Boch offers an innovative solution to meet the highest requirements. Suitable for use all over the world, water-efficient and vandal-proof, the intelligent system offers a wealth of impressive advantages – and is already being used successfully in practice.

proDetect offers maximum detection reliability and innovative technical features that enable the system to react independently to different requirements.


As a complete system with independent calibration, proDetect can be fitted in just four straightforward steps.


State-of-the-art high-frequency technology guarantees proDetect’s optimum function, whilst practical features facilitate maintenance.

Intelligent features

  • Stadium mode: With more frequent use, the system automatically extends the flushing intervals and later returns to normal operation
  • Hygienic flushing: If not used, the system is automatically flushed every 24 hours
  • Detection reliability: A special sensor element differentiates between users and static object (see animated graphic below)


Maximum detection reliability

  • The sensor element creates a user detection field from knee to chin height
  • The user remains in the detection field for more than 10 seconds
  • When the user moves out of the detection field, flushing starts
  • The system distinguishes between users and static objects so that the latter do not trigger a flushing process

Easy assembly

  • A few work steps: proDetect is installed in just four simple steps (see animated graphic below)
  • Complete system: The system can be fitted directly onto the tiles
  • Automatic calibration: As soon as the system has been connected to the power supply, it calibrates itself
  • Can be used all over the world: Thanks to the mains or battery connection, proDetect can be used just about anywhere

Reliable technology – simple maintenance

  • Safe technology: The 24 GHz high-frequency technology guarantees operational safety that has already been tested in practice
  • Vandal-proof: The entire technology is concealed behind the urinal ceramic
  • Self-diagnosis: LED lights and an acoustic signal notify the status of the battery capacity, solenoid valve and radar sensor
  • Statistic mode: The system displays the average use per day based on the last 30 days and thus enables optimum adjustment of the flush settings
  • Water-saving mode: The flushing volume can be easily reduced to 0.8 l and, as an option, also increased to up to 4 l

    Water protection standard: Complies with standard IP 65 (strong water jet)

  • Low radiation compared with mobile phones

proDetect can ONLY be used with the following urinals:

proDetect  - 919000
SUBWAY - 751300/751301
OMNIA classic - 752700
OMNIA classic compact - 755700/755701
OMNIA pro - 750700

proDetect  - 919100
OMNIA architektura - 557400/557420

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