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Today, one does not have to be indoors to feel good and relax at home, for on warmer days in particular, life moves outside – where people can spend the evening enjoying the day‘s last rays of sunshine surrounded by nature.


Well-designed outdoor areas can significantly increase the quality of both living areas and commercial spaces, possibly introducing pleasant new uses in the process. Yet another reason why it is best to design them like indoor areas, giving preference to ceramics, an aesthetic and extremely practical choice.


The special VILBOGARDEN from Villeroy & Boch are brand-name products that are available in a variety of designs and which are extremely durable and robust.


They can be laid on a variety of substrates and are an elegant alternative for enhancing life outdoors.


VilboStone, high-quality, scratch- and abrasion-proof 20 mm thick brand porcelain stoneware tiles.


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Laying types

Laying on stilts or mortar bags


  • Suitability for installation on existing coverings, taking into account the new installation height
  • Rapid execution of the two types of laying
  • Laid on stilts and mortar bags, an uncomplicated exchange of individual VILBOGARDEN is possible
  • Non-visible routing of e.g. cables and lines under the construction are possible

Laying in a bed of gravel or chippings


  • Suitability for terraces accessible at ground level
  • Easy to install on concrete floor slabs or on natural, load-bearing subsoil
  • When laid in a gravel or chippings bed, individual VILBOGARDEN tiles can be easily replaced.

Laying on cement screed


  • Suitability for terraces and balconies with low installation height
  • Optical unit with similarly designed interior flooring