Villeroy & Boch boasts a centuries-old tradition of developing innovative solutions. Many of the standards in the bathroom industry were created and mass-produced by Villeroy & Boch. This unique ingenuity has made the company a leading innovator in Bathroom and Wellness, and is reflected in numerous innovation awards.

The specialists at Villeroy & Boch are already working on innovative solutions and technologies for the future, with the aim of increasing comfort in the bathroom, making it easier to install and use fittings and keep improving product sustainability.


Villeroy & Boch creates excellent products with impressive designs, quality and attention to detail thanks to new materials, glazes and processes.


Unusual designs give Villeroy & Boch's products and technologies their distinctive appearance, opening up new possibilities to create high-quality bathroom solutions.


Efficient installation and maintenance as well as easy-to-use products ensure the highest level of comfort in everyday use.


A perfect flush, easy cleaning and anti-bacterial protection are just three solutions Villeroy & Boch provides for optimal hygiene in the bathroom.


Thanks to its water-saving solutions, Villeroy & Boch makes a valuable contribution to environmental protection, therefore reducing the operating costs in the long-term.