Bring your ceramics to life.

Use patterns to add highlights and create your very own new world.Choose different colours and shapes to design your kitchen according to your own personal preferences.


Architectura – classic design with a contemporary twist

The new Architectura collection features generously dimensioned basins and functionally designed draining areas. An ideal choice for all those who refuse to compromise between practicality and aesthetic appeal.

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Subway 45 Compact

Subway boasts a puristic design with a high level of functionality. The new Subway 45 Compact sink now perfectly rounds off the line. The 45 cm version basin, a popular choice in small kitchens to make maximum use of limited space, allows you to work easily and comfortably at the sink despite its size. The compact draining area in combination with the spacious basin provides an optimal solution for anyone looking for a smaller sink but who also likes to use a draining area.

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Steel Expert - for home cooking pros.

Steel Expert is made from high-quality robust stainless steel and offers maximum ease of use, thanks to its generous overhang and flexible spray. The spray head can be set to either normal jet or spray jet. Steel Expert therefore provides even more flexibility at the kitchen sink.

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The new Finera series is the epitome of modern tap design. The particularly filigree and puristic design gives each sink a certain something. The stainless steel taps and fittings series is available in two versions: Finera, with a round design, and the angular Finera Square version. Both taps feature a practical pivoting perlator, allowing the angle of the water flow to be adjusted individually to suit your needs.

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Cutting board & bowl – stylish new accessories.

Introducing two new accessories, specially tailored to the dimensions of the Subway collection built-in and 
flush-mounted sinks:

  • a cutting board made from American walnut with a compact core and non-slip feet on the base makes everyday
    kitchen tasks easier.
  • The high-quality stainless steel strainer bowl is
    perfect for washing and draining.

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Emerald | Sunrise | Coral | Midnight – Strong colours. Strong design.

Guided by international trends in design and furnishings, we are continuously developing new colours to give you even more creative scope. Bright shades such as Emerald Green, Sunrise Yellow, Coral Red and Midnight Blue are an ideal choice for original interiors - whether as a special highlight or an integrated design element; developed in collaboration with a well-known interior designer, Gesa Hansen, and inspired by the four seasons.Available for Timeline and selected Subway models.

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