LivingInteriors 2016
NEW COLOURS in the bathroom: striking products for stylish

Villeroy & Boch sets design trends at the world-leading imm cologne trade fair

Bathrooms are becoming more individual, light and stylish – this was the conclusion of this year's LivingInteriors trade fair, held between 18 and 24 January parallel to the world-leading imm cologne event and exploring new trends in bathroom and interior design. Alternating with the LivingKitchen event, every two years LivingInteriors demonstrates how a combination of bathroom, flooring, wall and lighting products and materials can come together to create intelligent design solutions and integrated interior concepts. The key themes of this year's event included a new light feeling in bathrooms, lifestyle and further enhancements in comfort.

For an illustration of these trends, visitors needed look no further than the eye-catching display on Villeroy & Boch's exhibition stand. Sanitary ceramics were transformed into works of art and a radiant light installation. Displaced from their actual function and natural bathroom environment, the Artis washbasins formed an artistic design installation, effectively showcasing the new colour concept. Against a completely black backdrop, pairs of washbasins radiated light and clearly illustrated their message: strong colours are infusing life into modern interiors, including bathrooms and kitchens, and can also be used to create individual vibrant highlights.

To develop this innovative colour concept, Villeroy & Boch worked with the German-Danish designer Gesa Hansen. The Paris-based designer had previously created the colour concept for the ceramic kitchen sinks in the Timeline range and for the Subway individual basins - now followed by the extension of the Artis washbasin line. Artis is available in the four shapes (round, oval, rectangular and square) and is made from the innovative and very robust material, TitanCeram . Inspired by nature, the seasons and the special atmosphere of Paris, Gesa Hansen has developed harmonious green, yellow, pink and blue colour themes, each available in three graduated shades. The collection is rounded off by a neutral black and grey range. The colour themes lend themselves ideally to different interior design effects, evoking a sensation of well-being, a cheerful mood and infusing a space with a particular atmosphere. To ensure a perfect result, Gesa Hansen has also designed a complete context for the presentation of each colour and devised coordinating combinations of colours and materials which have been prepared as shade cards by Villeroy & Boch.

The unusual display and modern colour concept proved great attractions on the innovative exhibition stand, featuring in numerous photos and capturing the attention of interior design bloggers. Villeroy & Boch unveiled a bold space installation at the LivingInteriors trade fair in Cologne – colourful, seemingly with no real connection to the products and almost weightless – demonstrating that the quality of a single perfect product is enough to set the tone in an entire room.