Decorating stairs

The aesthetic yet functional solution

A stair or stairwell is defined by its functionality, as well as its design: the overall appearance of a house, room or hall is dictated, to a large extent, by its stairs.

Villeroy & Boch Tiles therefore offers a range of specialist stairtread tiles, made from high-quality vilbostone porcelain stoneware, to match selected floor concepts. Using tiles measuring up to 120 cm, seamless designs can be achieved across most stairs. On wider steps or with the shorter 60 cm stairtread tiles, however, stairs can be designed with a very small number of joints.

The holistic concepts, comprising basic tiles, décor tiles and functional tiles, can be used to achieve a long-lasting, aesthetically-appealing design throughout the entire stairwell.


The brand tiles meet all technical requirements for stair and stairwell design. Safety is of the utmost priority: these vilbostone porcelain stoneware tiles therefore come with a rounded front edge and a rating of at least non-slip class R9. The stairtread tiles also feature milled grooves along the front edge to make them easier to detect.


All the benefits of ceramics

The tiles come with all the benefits of ceramics. Porcelain stoneware tiles are characterised by a long lifespan and easy-care properties, regardless of whether they’re used on floors or walls. Removals, furniture moves and normal day-to-day use can all leave their mark on stairwell and hallway walls: ceramic wall coverings in these areas therefore provide optimum protection against dirt and traces of wear, keeping stairwells looking their best for longer and significantly reducing the need for repeated renovations.

Colours and designs

Villeroy & Boch Tile’s porcelain stoneware concept impresses in terms of both aesthetic and design. Whether you’re looking for an authentic natural stone or modern concrete look, Villeroy & Boch has a range to suit almost every style. Each range comes with a variety of colours, allowing planners to create harmonious tone-in-tone layouts or contrasting wall and floor designs.

Laying variants

Villeroy & Boch stairtread tiles are suitable for conventional and barrier-free stairways. The milled grooves along the tiles’ front edges provide a barrier-free solution for the visually impaired. The tiles can be placed on the first and last steps of the staircase to comply with DIN 18040-1 and DIN 18040-2 barrier-free construction regulations, however integration into all steps is advised.


The colour of the surface design and the ceramic mass underneath it produces a contrast that can be very striking but that can be more subtle in lighter colours. If the contrast between the grooves and the surface of the tile is less than 0.4, the edges of the first and last step can be marked with a contrasting colour.


On stairs that are free-standing at one or both ends, attractive edges can be achieved using 20 mm strong porcelain stoneware tiles in a uniform or contrasting design. The tiles feature narrow ridges at each end and are an attractive solution that prevents walking aids from slipping to the side of stairwells or open sided stairs, increasing safety, particularly in barrier-free areas.

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