Less cleaning - more time to enjoy life


Villeroy & Boch has succeeded in improving the properties of ceramics. A special process gives the CeramicPlus surface a permanent high quality finish. The advantage: CeramicPlus offers optimum hygiene and is kind both to the environment and the wallet. CeramicPlus is available exclusively from Villeroy & Boch.

The water forms droplets on the CeramicPlus surface. These flow off into the outlet, taking residues, such as limescale and dirt, with them.

  • 80% less cleaning time*
  • 90% less cleaning agent*
  • 90% less water consumption**

* for the removal of limescale in comparison to standard Villeroy & Boch ceramics, wfk – Institut für Angewandte Forschung GmbH (wfk – Institute for Applied Research), WL 7478/15 dated 30 April 2015

** for the removal of slurry in comparison to standard Villeroy & Boch ceramics, wfk – Institut für Angewandte Forschung GmbH (wfk – Institute for Applied Research), WL 7478/15 dated 30 April 2015


CeramicPlus is extremely durable, scratch-resistant and quick to clean.

The advantages of CeramicPlus

Optimum hygiene

  • Clean: Water flows off without leaving almost any residue whatsoever.
  • Resistant: CeramicPlus is resistant to cleaning agents and solvents.
  • Safe: Tested and confirmed by the Institut für Med. Mikrobiologie und Hygiene at the Medizinischen Universität zu Lübeck Germany, the wfk-Forschungsinstitut für Reinigungstechnologie Germany, as well as by the specialists for ceramic development at Villeroy & Boch AG.

Optimum environmental protection

  • Tested: CeramicPlus has passed tests for health and environmental risks with flying colours.
  • Unique: On the strength of its dirt-repellent surface finish, CeramicPlus is water and oil-repellent (hydrophobic and oleophobic) and thus easy to clean with the tiniest amounts of cleaning agent.

Optimum efficiency

  • Durable: Tested during the course of a 10-year simulation to verify the material's durability, subject to compliance with the care instructions.
  • Quick: CeramicPlus can be cleaned particularly quickly and easily using commercial cleaning agents.

Specification texts

Specially refined glaze based on innovative surface technology with hydrophobic (water-repellent) and oleophobe (oil and grease-repellent) properties (beading and non-stick effect).


With daily care, your washbasin will shine for many years to come.
For the daily cleaning of your ceramics, we recommend using a soft, non-abrasive sponge or cloth. If you wish to use a cleaning agent, it is best to use a standard, general-purpose cleaning agent.

You can use all standard cleaning agents.
ceramicplus is resistant to all acids and alkalis typically used in the home (as well as cosmetic and medical products containing solvents, alcohol and acetone).

Please do not use any aggressive cleaning agents that are harmful to the environment.
As all ceramic surfaces, ceramicplus will also be damaged by the regular use of scouring creams and powders, highly concentrated drain cleaning chemicals, special tap/metal cleaning agents or bleaching agents containing chlorine.

Microfibre cloths are suitable for ceramicplus.

Tip: Dampen microfibre cloths before use.
Cleaning tip in the case of very stubborn dirt: leave bathroom or limescale cleaning agents to act overnight. Gels and foam cleaning agents are particularly suitable as they also adhere well to slanting surfaces. Or: simply place a cloth soaked in cleaning agent over the dirt.

Would you like more information on the care of ceramicplus products?
Then simply download our 'Care tips' document here. 'Care tips' offers information on the following topics:

  • Routine care of your ceramics
  • Recommendations on how to cope with more severe soiling
  • Overview of cleaning agents for ceramicplus


Why are CeramicPlus products particularly easy to care for?

Because they undergo a special production process which provides them with such a smooth surface that particles of dirt can hardly get a hold and are simply rinsed away. If any dirt does happen to remain behind, it's not a problem because ceramicplus is much easier to clean.

What does the everyday care of CeramicPlus involve?

The most suitable things for caring regularly for CeramicPlus are a standard all-purpose cleaner and a kitchen sponge with a soft or rough surface. Scouring powder or rough sponges should be avoided as this may adversely affect the surface if used over any length of time. This prevents the dirt from simply running off with the water.

How can you recognise sanitary ware ceramics with CeramicPlus?

All CeramicPlus products (for the UK: except the semi-recessed and Evana washbasins) bear a "Cplus" logo. On some products the name and logo are combined: a capital C with the addition "CeramicPlus Villeroy & Boch".

Which models and colours are CeramicPlus available it?

CeramicPlus is available for all current ceramic models and colours in the price list in force at the time.