Ceramics from master craftsmen


Stronger. Finer. And perfectly formed. TitanCeram is an innovative new ceramic material from Villeroy & Boch for impressively delicate shapes. TitanCeram makes it possible to produce precise bathroom ceramics with extremely thin walls and clearly defined edges, and is also very stable and robust. Making it ideal for premium bathroom designs.

In a specially developed production process, the designers' visions of impressively modern shapes are transformed into finished products by Villeroy & Boch experts. Natural raw materials such as feldspar, quartz, clay and titanium dioxide come together to create an innovative material with the properties of high-quality ceramics paired with exceptional strength.

Outstanding product design

  • Impressively precise shapes
  • Clearly defined edges
  • Exceptionally delicate shapes

Perfect functionality and quality

  • High material strength
  • Very hard-wearing
  • Resistant to heat and cold

High-quality base ceramic material produced in-house.

Precise shapes hand-crafted by our experts.

From glazed blank to finished product at 1200°C.

A first impressive example of TitanCeram's precision is the premium Octagon washbasin: a masterpiece of precision and winner of the Good Design Award 2015 and the iF Design Award 2016.


What makes TitanCeram so special? What allows V&B to produce more delicate designs?

TitanCeram is a special compound of  clay, quartz, feldspar and titanium dioxide which, in combination with special production steps, makes it possible to create  exceptionally precise shapes. 

Does TitanCeram completely replace the previous base material?

No. TitanCeram has been developed primarily to meet design requirements for the premium segment and is used in parallel to our other base materials.

Is TitanCeram available in different colours?

Yes. Our selection of colours can be combined with TitanCeram. More detailed information can be found in the current product catalogue.

Can TitanCeram be combined with CeramicPlus?

In principle this is possible, to find out which models we offer in CeramicPlus, please refer to the current product catalogue.

Does TitanCeram require special care?

TitanCeram can be cleaned in the same way as conventional bathroom ceramics, using standard cleaning and care products.